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Business Description

Ace Pharmaceuticals (Ace) is a leading independent pharmaceutical company operating in the niche market of medical need products to satisfy the unmet demand of small patient groups. By doing this, the company makes a valuable contribution to society. Via its state-of-the-art facility, Ace carries out the development, production, and distribution of its products. In addition, Ace manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical compounded products for pharmacies.




Chemical & Pharma




Investment Thesis

Ace aims to organically grow its leading market position by expanding its registered product portfolio as well as by further rolling-out its compounding business. In addition, Ace aims to accelerate its international expansion trajectory through, amongst others, selected acquisitions and collaborations with big pharma (e.g. divesting of non-core medicine or licensing opportunities)

“With the capital, know-how and broad (international) network of our investors, we can continue to keep scarce medicines available and accelerate our strong growth trajectory in Europe“

Jan Willem Popma

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