Value Creation

Driving International Platform Growth

Since 1982, Rivean has been on the frontier of European private equity, with a local-for-local approach that combines the deep market knowledge, agility and network of an in-country partner with the sophistication and reach of a global investor.

Our experience spans a broad range of sectors, with access to an international network of industry experts including management teams with whom we have partnered multiple times and operating partners.

We have completed nearly 100 private equity transactions, consistently delivering on game-changing buy-and-build strategies. With an average of 4 add-on acquisitions for every platform investment and a focus on accelerated organic development, Rivean also takes an institutionalized approach to value creation, bolstering established companies through a dedicated Portfolio Enhancement Program.

Portfolio Enhancement Program

Complete Coverage

All-inclusive framework of commercial, financial, operational, and organizational value-creating initiatives


Professional Program Management

Helping companies catapult performance with prioritization and quantitative goal-setting


Tailor-Made Teamwork

Collaborative, customized consideration of every company’s needs, with a view towards step-change not makeover


Accountability, Discipline and Balance

Alignment with management teams and an attitude of partnership and deeply involved support by dedicated team of professionals