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Business Description

Dataciders is a leading IT services group offering end-to-end (“E2E”) data and analytics (“D&A”) solutions, primarily serving long-standing enterprise customers incl.  DAX40 companies. The group’s E2E D&A capabilities cover data strategy, enterprise application integration, software engineering, data management, business intelligence and analytics, as well as data science and AI. Headquartered in Dortmund (Germany), Dataciders employs more than 500 FTEs across seven locations in Germany and one nearshoring location in Sofia (Bulgaria).




IT & Business Services



Investment Thesis

Dataciders is set to benefit from fast growing market showing double-digit growth backed by digitalization and ESG trends. The group positions itself as one of the leading E2E D&A specialist with niche positioning due to clear domain and vertical focus. In addition, Dataciders has a very sticky customer base consisting of long-standing relationships (avg. 18+ years relationship with its top 10 customers). The group’s strong talent factory capabilities provide a foundation to excel in the “war for talent” within the industry. As proven buy-and-build platform, Dataciders aims to become the leading DACH player supported via further add-on acquisitions.

“Dataciders' vision is that no one will have to make bad business decisions anymore. Instead, data and analytics will provide a solid foundation for business success. We see our partnership with Rivean Capital as the next logical step forward in our growth story. Together with Rivean, we want to become the leading player in the DACH market and continue to expand our domain knowledge and technological capabilities. “

Dr. Gero Presser

CEO and Co-Founder
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