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Business Description

TenCate Grass (“TCGrass”) is the global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of artificial turf solutions for both sports and landscaping. The Company operates a vertically integrated business model from grass yarn extrusion and backing fabrics manufacturing (“Upstream”) extending through turf manufacturing (tufting, weaving) and distribution (“Midstream”), through to end product installation and maintenance (“Downstream”), serving a globally diversified customer base at each level of the value chain, which consists of leading tufting & distribution companies, landscaping and sports installers and product end users.




Manufacturing & Industrials



TenCate Grass aims to to leverage its market-leading position in the upstream part of the value chain to further benefit from the increased penetration of artificial grass while simultaneously improving the Company’s value chain positioning and margin capture by pursuing an international buy-and-build strategy in de Mid- and Downstream part of the value chain in Europe and the United States.

“It was a pleasure working with the Rivean team over an extended period of time. They met four ‘conditions’ that allowed us to be successful and have a great working relationship while doing so, namely, they develop a deep understanding of the business and the industry, then support the company when acquisitions and investment opportunities present themselves, be a challenging counterpart and finally, let Management run the business. I look back on the partnership with great satisfaction.“

Michael Vogel

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